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Import and export of raw materials

BA ENTERPRISES (BAE) and it’s branch in Nigeria the BA CONSULTANCY Nigeria Ltd. represent a variety of notable suppliers of raw materials in Nigeria and Africa at large.
BAE is a broker of such raw materials as:

  1. cocoa and cocoa beans
  2. raw cashew nuts
  3. ginger
  4. gum arabic
  5. lead ore
  6. zinc ore
  7. copper ore
  8. chromite ore
  9. manganese ore
  10. palm kernel shell nuts
  11. hard wood charcoal
  12. all sorts of premium wood e.g. iroko, mahogany , ekki, koso, red haper teak 
  13. crude oil
  14. Bitumen, JP 54, D2 diesel and other petroleum products
  15. gold
  16. diamonds
  17. etc. (for further raw materials please send us your request)

BAE arranges import and export of 1st-class raw materials to public and private clients all over the world.

BAE’s services to our clients in the line of raw material import and export are: