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Security Network

All the advisers, supervisors, trainers and security personnel of the BA ENTERPRISES security network have many years of training and operational experience in the world's crisis regions and war zones under their belts, which gives them contacts among the best active civilian, police and military security specialists and to the top suppliers and producers of all types of security equipment.

These BA ENTERPRISES security experts maintain a regular global exchange of experience regarding threat scenarios, operational and training experience and new knowledge of tactics and procedures employed by the opposing side.

This important security information guarantees that the clients of BA ENTERPRISES will benefit from advice and safety concepts which reflect the very latest knowledge in military, police and civilian security.

This global network also means that security experts are available to our clients anywhere in the world for hazard prevention and defence regarding every conceivable type of threat, even at short notice.

Teams of specialists can therefore be put together or additional team members provided at any time for all areas of security training and security services, allowing the best possible protection concept to be professionally created for each client.

This global network of highly qualified specialists guarantees the clients of the BA ENTERPRISES the very latest expert know-how in all areas of modern hazard defence in all security-related matters.