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Security Dogs

The growing threat posed by terrorist and extremist groups means that security concepts and security personnel are expected to meet much tougher requirements. Security programmes have to be updated, personnel given further training and all security measures and equipment modernized on an ongoing basis to keep pace with constantly changing threats and hazards.

However, there are limits to what even the most modern security equipment, the most highly qualified security personnel and the most advanced electronic innovations can accomplish. To fill this gap, security dogs have proven to be a great asset in a huge variety of applications and situations all over the world.

The BA ENTERPRISES has therefore developed a series of special training courses for security dogs and their handlers to allow maximum advantage to be taken of a dog team's potential to help our clients.

All our training courses and tests satisfy the highest possible requirements for security dogs deployed by private security firms, the military and the police. Compliance with global standards for dog testing in all areas is a matter of course for our training programmes, the security dogs we recruit, and their handlers.

The use of suitable and specially trained teams of security dogs ensures optimal protection of our clients where humans and technology have reached their limits or are not able to work effectively enough.