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Special Operations

Alongside all the usual security services, e.g. protection of at-risk objects and persons, private security specialists are increasingly being required to enter more testing domains.

The growing threat posed by extremist and terrorist groups all over the world means that clients have to face up to this problem and give thought to all individuals, facilities, organizations, infrastructures and institutions which may be at risk.

Particularly in crisis regions and countries where the local law and order agencies are not able to guarantee a sufficient level of security, clients are forced to make their own provision to ensure their best possible protection.

Assassinations, kidnapping and blackmail have long been targeted not only at the individuals, facilities, organizations, infrastructures and institutions that are at risk themselves - their families, friends, business partners and staff, not to mention their possessions, are just as much at risk.

Modern security concepts have to take this into account and provide a professional response. For security experts, this means ensuring that they are in a position to identify and assess such threats, prevent them and, possibly, even initiate reliable defence and counter measures. This is why the BA ENTERPRISES also advises its clients on these particular threats and makes available security concepts and measures to provide dependable protection even against extraordinary threat scenarios.

The following are examples of our Special Operations:

Personnel for these special operations is either provided by the BA ENTERPRISES or specially recruited, trained and familiarized with their duties on behalf of the client. Our goal is to achieve the optimum protection for the client and for all additional at-risk areas even in the most dangerous threat situations.