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Mobile Supervisor Team (MST)

The BA ENTERPRISES Supervisors advise clients worldwide on how to optimize all their existing security measures and plug any holes in their security concepts.

The security concepts and measures are reviewed and adapted to the current state of knowledge, equipment and changes in the hazard situation.

Existing security executives are given further training and education, either directly in the operations room on site or in the selected BA ENTERPRISES training centres.

The goal is to enable these security executives to themselves improve standards of training and performance with regard to their own security personnel.

This training of trainers and executives has a multiplier effect!

In line with the individual requirements of the client and their protection needs, the security executives are trained to later select their own personnel for specific assignments and assess their potential for different duties.

Subsequently, the new or existing security personnel are trained and prepared for later assignments by the executives who have been trained in this way themselves.

Following the successful further training of the executives, the BA ENTERPRISES supervisors take on their duties as coach. They make themselves available in an advisory capacity to the new advisors and help them get started in their new duties.

Thanks to this coaching approach, the executives receive on the job supervision and important suggestions about how to optimize their leadership style and perform their duties. Step by step, the advisors are familiarized with the security reviews, and later assume responsibility for this task themselves.

The BA ENTERPRISES supervisors continue to remain available as specialists and points of contact. This makes the client independent of ongoing external further training courses while at the same time retaining a constant point of contact on any important specialized questions and for updating existing protection measures.