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Executive Training Programme (ETP)

Personal protection is a highly specialized security service which requires personnel who are fully trained to cope with any risk scenario. Especially in the world's crisis regions and war zones, the clients' lives, health and freedom to act and take decisions depend on the quality of their bodyguards.

Constant training in line with the latest hazard prevention and defence methods, coupled with a continuous analysis of the tactics and methods employed by the opposing side, are just as essential for survival as a team of bodyguards which has been professionally put together and has clear command structures.

The BA ENTERPRISES advisers and trainers create tailor-made protection concepts for every type of client and threat scenario. There is particular focus on the recruitment and selection of suitable bodyguards and future executives.

Because our security personnel are carefully recruited and selected for the job they are to perform, the best specialists are available for the expected area of activity.

The basic training which all candidates complete sets uniform standards, results in perfectly harmonized procedures and thus helps prevent misunderstandings during operations. Joint training in the operations room teaches all the members of the team to work optimally together under realistic conditions.

The clear command structure ensures clarity when orders are given and followed. The client benefits from a team which has been specially put together to suit his needs, professionally trained and perfectly equipped to provide the best possible protection.