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Training, consulting and service network for all matters relating to civil and military security!

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Training, consulting and service network for all matters relating to civil and military security!


BA ENTERPRISES is a highly specialised protection, training, consulting and service network for all aspects of civil and military security.

Our main objective is to protect high-risk individuals, facilities, organisations, infrastructures and institutions in the economic, political, religious and social spheres with regard to all aspects of personal, state and economic security.

We have experts around the world who develop, plan, implement and monitor the most advanced security and protection concepts for hazard prevention and defence, whatever the threat.

This includes not only personnel, material, electronic and organisational security measures, but also the very latest know-how, state-of-the-art equipment and reliable information from private and official sources at national and international level in order to keep pace with any developments on the other side and to adapt the security structure to changing conditions and circumstances.

To this end, BA ENTERPRISES and its cooperation partners make a global network of security companies available to our clients, anytime, anywhere. With teams made up of the best security experts from special units of the police, military and private sector, BA ENTERPRISES offers a reliable and discreet service to clients with the highest security requirements.

Our Services at a glance


Our Services

Besides advice and training, and making available operational security experts, the BA ENTERPRISES also offers its clients…

BA ENTERPRISES Securtiy Management

Security Management

BA ENTERPRISES attaches particular importance to a total system of professional security management in…

BA ENTERPRISES Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Crisis management is one element of a functional system of total security management.

BA ENTERPRISES Security Security Network_01

Security Network

All the advisers, supervisors, trainers and security personnel of the BA ENTERPRISES security network have…

BA ENTERPRISES Special Operations

Special Operations

Alongside all the usual security services, e.g. protection of at-risk objects and persons, private security specialists are…

BA ENTERPRISES Mobile Instructor Unit (MIU)

Mobile Instructor Unit (MIU)

BA ENTERPRISES specialists are deployed across the world to provide security advice, conduct security training…

BA ENTERPRISES Mobile Supervisor Team (MST)

Mobile Supervisor Team (MST)

The BA ENTERPRISES Supervisors advise clients worldwide on how to optimize all their existing security measures…

BA ENTERPRISES Training Programme (ETP)

Executive Training (ETP)

Personal protection is a highly specialized security service which requires personnel who are fully trained to cope with any…


Security Dogs

The growing threat posed by terrorist and extremist groups means that security concepts and security personnel…

BA ENTERPRISES Import and Export

Import and Export

BA ENTERPRISES (BAE) and it’s branch in Nigeria the BA CONSULTANCY Nigeria Ltd. represent a variety of notable suppliers…

BA ENTERPRISES Support and Consultation of investors_01

Support and Consultation

BA ENTERPRISES (BAE) supports and advices companies and governmental organizations during the planning and…

BA ENTERPRISES Securtiy Equipment

Security Equipment

BA ENTERPRISES (BAE) represents a large variety of notable German and European manufacturers of 1st-class…