Logo BA-Enterprises


The BA ENTERPRISES is a highly specialized protection, training, consulting and service network for all matters relating to civil and military security.

Our key objective is to protect high-risk individuals, facilities, organizations, infrastructures and institutions in the fields of business, politics, religion and society with regard to all aspects of personal, state and economic security.

We have experts all over the world who develop, plan, implement and monitor the very latest security and protection concepts for hazard prevention and defence, no matter what the threat.

This encompasses not only personnel, material, electronic and organizational security measures, but also the very latest know-how, state-of-the-art equipment and reliable information from private and official sources on a national and international level in order to keep pace with every development of the opposing side and adapt the security structure to changing conditions and circumstances.

To this end, the BA ENTERPRISES and its cooperation partners make a global network of security companies available to our clients, any time, anywhere. With teams comprising the very best security experts from special units in the police, military and private-sector domains, BA ENTERPRISES offers a reliable and discreet service to clients with top-level security requirements.