BA ENTERPRISES is an elite network providing professional security services and the best possible advice, training and equipment for every conceivable threat scenario.

Know-how, equipment and services that no other company can provide in this form are our daily business.

The BA ENTERPRISES network is firmly committed to inalienable human rights and the principles of freedom, justice and democracy as the basis for self-determination and peaceful coexistence among peoples. These values form the basis of our actions and are at the same time the goal we seek to protect by all means.

Loyalty, reliability and honesty are the bonds that bind us to our customers. BA ENTERPRISES is available as a long-term partner to all clients in need of protection who subscribe to our code of conduct.

Throughout the world, private security plays an increasingly important role in protecting the values of a free society. However, protection and security can only be achieved with a strong team. That is why the BA ENTERPRISES emblem features two scorpions.

In ancient Rome, the scorpion was the symbol of the Praetorian Guard, the guardians of law and order. This elite unit was responsible for protecting government officials and maintaining public safety in the city. Today, these tasks are increasingly being carried out by private security professionals.

All BA ENTERPRISES security personnel are ever mindful of the obligations that come with their vital role.

A commitment to the protection of freedom and human rights based on the law is what distinguishes BA ENTERPRISES‘ modern security experts from simple mercenaries.

Freedom in security (libertas in tuto) is the most fundamental right, and everyone has the right to have this right protected.