Support and Consultation of investors

BA ENTERPRISES assists and advises companies and government organisations on the planning and implementation of investment projects in Nigeria and Africa in general.

Africa, and Nigeria in particular, are areas of rapid and sustained economic growth, making them very attractive to investors.

With many years of experience in corporate security, import and export of raw materials and assisting investors, BA ENTERPRISES and our Nigerian branch, BA CONSULTANCY Nigeria Ltd, have developed an unrivalled strategy for assisting and advising investors and projects. This enables our clients to realise the full potential of Nigeria’s growth market.

BA ENTERPRISES ’s services to clients on investment projects include.

  • advising our clients and forecasting the prospects of success for specific investment projects
  • arranging all the necessary contacts for the planning, preparation and execution of investment projects
  • finding the necessary cooperation partners for investment projects
  • arranging contacts with reliable partners for the financing and implementation of investment projects
  • assist our clients in obtaining the necessary permits and licences
  • developing risk analyses for investors and security concepts to secure the investment
  • to implement security concepts to provide security for investors and to provide security services to protect investors themselves, their investment capital and their staff.
  • monitor and coordinate investment projects
  • provide project managers with local knowledge and experience to support the investment project.