Mobile Supervisor Team (MST)

BA ENTERPRISES supervisors advise customers worldwide on how to optimise all their existing security measures and plug any gaps in their security concepts.

Security concepts and measures are reviewed and adapted to the latest knowledge, equipment and changes in the threat situation.

Existing security managers are trained and educated, either directly in the operations room on site or at selected BA ENTERPRISES training centres.

The aim is to enable these security executives to improve the training and performance standards of their own security personnel.

This training of trainers and managers has a multiplier effect!

In line with the individual requirements of the client and their protection needs, the security executives are trained to later select their own personnel for specific assignments and to assess their potential for different tasks.

The new or existing security personnel are then trained and prepared for future assignments by the trained executives themselves.

Once the managers have successfully completed their training, BA ENTERPRISES supervisors take on the role of coach. They provide the new advisers with advice and support as they take up their new roles.

Thanks to this coaching approach, the managers receive on-the-job supervision and important suggestions on how to optimise their management style and performance. Step by step, the consultants are familiarised with the safety reviews and later take on responsibility for this task themselves.

The BA ENTERPRISES supervisors continue to be available as specialists and contacts. This frees the client from the need for ongoing external training, while providing a constant point of contact for important technical issues and for updating existing security measures.