Security Management

BA ENTERPRISES attaches particular importance to a total system of professional security management in order to provide its clients with optimum protection.

As globalisation intensifies the links between politics, religion, the economy, the environment, the individual, etc., this complex system of all kinds of interdependencies becomes more and more susceptible to external disruption and attack.

This vulnerability to external factors that are difficult, if not impossible, to control makes a comprehensive system of security management, embedded in a clearly formulated security policy, as essential for high-risk individuals, facilities, organisations, infrastructures and institutions as it is for entire nations.

A professional and holistic security architecture must consider all elements of analysis, planning, control and monitoring. Decision-makers, key positions and processes must be integrated into an overall security concept. However, security policy cannot be imposed from above; it must be implemented by all stakeholders from the bottom up.

In such complex structures as states or economic systems/organisations, it is not only knowledge that is fundamental to the implementation and maintenance of security, but also and above all the conviction and actions of all those involved. This must be taken into account when the security management team plans, implements and monitors the security concept.

„If you want to build a house of peace with others, do not build a foundation full of regulations, a ground floor of responsibilities and upper floors of directives, and do not call for an integration summit, but awaken in people a yearning for peace and a vision of peaceful coexistence among all people, regardless of their race or religion. The vision will become reality if you really want it and if you fight for it where you live, where you work and where you have responsibilities“. Author unknown

Terrorist attacks, bomb threats, kidnapping, extortion, sabotage, fire, natural disasters, accidents, technical failures, etc. can only be successfully defended against or overcome if the security management team analyses all the current circumstances of the individual hazard scenario and sensibly plans, implements and monitors all elements of personnel, mechanical, electronic and organisational security measures.

The whole concept can only be as strong as the weakest link in the chain!